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Established in 2008 Ocotillo Pilates is a Pilates studio dedicated to making the work of Joseph Pilates accessible to people from all backgrounds and of all body types. 
 Our mission is to empower our clients with a unique understanding of how to build and maintain a strong foundation of Strength, Flexibility, and Balance. At our intimate studio, we’ve created a motivating and encouraging environment where all of our students, regardless of fitness or training level, can challenge themselves and improve their body mechanics safely. 
We understand and respect individuality and unique circumstances. For that reason, we create exercise programs based on the individual needs of our clients that are optimized to help them reach their personal goals. 
Ocotillo Pilates Studio is proud to be a partner of Arizona State University as a Health and Wellness Internship Site. Receive course credits towards your degree while learning about body alignment and movement through our studio.